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Turbocharger Basic Structure



Basic Knowledge of Turbocharger

Turbocharger is the key component of modern supercharged engine. It uses energy moves in waste gas turbine engine, drive the compressor impeller of coaxial with high-speed rotation, the compressor will be fresh air after compression, supply the engine work, greatly improve so that the engine power, fuel consumption rate, noise and emission reduction, effectively improve the engine power, economy and environmental performance.

Turbocharger is an efficient, energy-efficient, eco-friendly high-tech product, and it has to work with the engine, and it's increasingly used in cars, engineering machines, generators, ships and so on.


The main characteristic of exhaust turbocharger is that in the area with thin air on the plateau, the engine power without turbocharger will decline, while the engine with turbocharger can make up for the decrease power. Small engines can produce large engine power. The same volume of engine fuel consumption rate of substantial savings, fuel in the cylinder full combustion, automotive exhaust pollution reduction, to achieve green environmental protection.


Key Parameters of Turbocharger

Compression Ratio π

The ratio of the pressure at the outlet of the compressor to the pressure at the inlet of the compressor


Pout   Absolute pressure at the outlet of the compressor(kPa)

Pin    Absolute pressure at the inlet of the compressor(kPa)

Inlet Flow

Refers to the amount of air flowing through the compressor per unit of time. The unit is kg/s (kg/h at the time of the bench test).

Total Efficiency of Turbocharger

The total efficiency of the Turbocharger refers to the ratio of output energy and input energy of the turbocharger. It is the product of compressor efficiency, turbine efficiency and mechanical efficiency.

Trim Value

Trim value is the ratio of square of inlet diameter and square of outlet diameter of the compressor impeller multiplied by 100. The turbine Trim value is multiplied by 100 by square square of the diameter of the air intake and square of the diameter of the air intake.

A/R Value

A/R value is an important performance parameter for turbines and compressors. R (Radius) is the distance between the center of gravity of the turbine shaft and the turbine inlet (or the compressor outlet) cross section. A (Area) refers to the cross-sectional Area of the turbine inlet (or compressor outlet) corresponding to the above center of gravity. The ratio of A divided by R divided by 25.4 is the value of A/R.

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